The mission of Australian College of Agriculture and Horticulture (ACAH) is to develop the best agricultural / horticultural people in the world.

Global skilling of the agriculture / horticulture industry is our vision and delivering quality training program is our passion. Our passion for the industry-based training motivates us to produce highly employable graduates for various levels of occupation across the wider sector of the agriculture / horticulture industry world-wide.

In the pursuit of this mission we aspire to live the following values:

  • Behave in a legal, fair, and balanced manner.
  • Make and keep commitments to our clients, partners, customers, agents, and associates.
  • Contribute to the growth and prosperity of our company through individual and team effort.
  • Show respect for ourselves and others by being open, honest, and ethical.
  • Learn and cheer each other to do worthwhile high quality work

Through the ongoing consultancy arm of our business we are able to steer our training programs, accommodating new innovations and technology. In this process we will empower our students to take up the challenge of making the mark for themselves in the global agriculture / horticulture industry.