To all prospective students, members and consulting clients:

There is a Chinese proverb,

“teachers / trainers open the door, you enter by yourself”

I believe at ACAH we can open doors for you, your children and your agricultural business. As the key to our success is people with integral skills and knowledge in Horticulture and Agriculture, encompassing tropical, sub-tropical and temperate horticulture or agricultural skills and knowledge.

ACAH and its staff share one common goal, to empower the food production community with skills and knowledge where by the simplest of worker can and will make a difference in the workplace with added commitment and direction in sharing the enterprises vision.

ACAH established approximately 10 years ago, has a clear vision for agricultural education in Australia is focus to provide quality learning, and accessibility of education to all in regional and remote areas, in particular those working in the rural industry sectors.

This quality focused and outcome based training, with assessment methods that are unique and mind blowingly challenging to all candidates.  With our consulting business we can stay at the forefront of education by providing candidates / client with current up to date skills and knowledge getting them ready for the “knowledge” arms race.

With these skills and the use of the training farm “Rabarl Farms”, and the 1000m2 glasshouse with hydroponic setup and 3D Cad Design for amenity horticulture will allow us to further progress skills development for the creation of Australia as the “food bowl of the world.”

If we can feed the world, with use of skilled workers that understand sustainability, climate change, beneficial farming techniques together with understanding risk management, we will be able to feed the world for along time with great success.

I look forward to seeing you par-take studies at ACAH or seek to use our consulting services.  With over 100 years of agricultural / horticultural experience under one roof, from Melbourne to Cairns, or wherever in the world you are!

Principal Executive Officer