Our business has recently acquired a commercial farm situated in Waugh Pocket, farming over 60 acres of intensive horticulture cropping in Bananas and growth into other tree crops and vegetables. As a part of continuous compliance and growth, the commercial operator needs to employ one new position and one replacement position of qualified Horticultural Technical Officers (HTO). This person needs to be qualified with exceptional machinery skills and understanding of chemical legislation and application in Far North Queensland.

The Role of the Horticultural Technical Officers (HTOs), reports to the internal scientists and external consultants that are employed as employees and contractors by the organisation, with internal reporting to the general manager.

Key Duties:

  • Ability to work with WHS procedures, and write policy & procedural documents in relation to machinery operations for horticultural and agricultural operations, in support for training and production.
  • Ability to establish and manage fallow periods of the production cycle, as means of demonstration to students for technical aspects of crop cycle management.
  • Ability to carry out post-harvest handling operations, with grower and scientist / head of department on staff.
  • Ability to manage production scheduling for crop rotations and implementation of the spray program, for horticultural and agricultural production.
  • Use of scientific and technical equipment for testing. (eg. pH meter, EC meter, Pressure gauges etc), preparation of testing and testing equipment for students of ACAH.
  • Soil testing and interpretation of test results, and carry out soil mapping for precision agriculture and landscape topography, using appropriate mapping software.
  • Ability to establish chemical use strategy, and understanding of IPM and Weed management. Reporting of noxious weeds to DAFF Qld, and any other on farm outbreaks by following departmental and onsite biosecurity protocols.
  • Use with a range of machinery used on farms, to self-manage for sampling in support of training staff.
  • Ability demonstrate calibrate spray equipment, fertilizer spreaders and seeding/transplanting machines
  • Ability to operate tractors with attachments, spray equipment, droplet quality and type, for technical information cataloguing. Additional equipment maybe ATV’s, SUT etc.
  • Carry out basic repair, calibration and maintenance work on laboratory equipment, such as pH EC electrodes, refractometers etc.
  • Understanding and interpretation of MRL and Microbial testing results, as mean of Freshcare compliance requirements.
  • Ability to manage the nutrient management program, for plant fertility, and writing these programs in order for trainers to be able to demonstrate this to students and clients of ACAH – Cairns.
  • Ability to minimise produce deterioration for extension of shelf life, working with supply chain management entities.
  • Familiarity with the HACCP quality control systems, Freshcare 4.0 and SQF guidelines, maintenance of accreditation with management.
  • Understanding of hygiene management and maintenance, GMP and GLP practices must be adhered to.

The qualified person must have Diploma of Production Horticulture or higher qualification with some formal experience in the horticulture or agricultural sector. They must also have good English skills, and computer literacy (40wpm), and be willing to undertake a pre-placement theoretical skills assessment, as requested by our client. Must possess competencies related to Ag/VET chemicals, Aus-Chem and First Aid Level II Certification, and be able to identify spray techniques for plant nutrition. A forklift license would desirable but not mandatory. Australian driver’s license is mandatory or equivalent.

Interested applicants must email a softcopy of their resume and a certified copy of their qualification, Driver’s licence, AusChem Certificate and First Aid Certificate.

Please note only successful applicants that are short listed will be notified.