The Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) qualifications levels provide a comprehensive, nationally consistent framework for all qualifications in post-compulsory education and training in Australia. The Certificates in Spoken and Written English consist of one course and five certificate levels that align to national framework levels as outlined in the table below:

Course Pathway



Certificate I & II in EAL

Entry Point to study EAL I and II:

  • IELTS 2 to 3.5
  • ISLRP 0 to1
  • Or equivalent


Certificate III in EAL (Further Study) Entry Point to study EAL III:

  • IELTS 3.5
  • ISLRP 1+ to 2
  • Or equivalent
4.5 (1+ to 2 ISLRP)*
5 (2 to 2+ ISLPR)*

6 (2+ to 3 ISLPR)*

Certificate IV in EAL

Diploma & Advanced Diploma Studies – (Vocational Education and Training Sector)

Entry Point to study EAL IV:

  • IELTS 5.0
  • ISLRP 2+
  • or equivalent

After having successfully completed EAL IV, students should be able to obtain IELTS 5.5 (or higher).

*The IELTS and ISLPR comparisons should be used as an approximate guide only.

Assessment Process (Assessments are related to Learning Outcomes)

  • Teacher Observation
  • Role Play
  • Sequencing information
  • Short-answer questions
  • Tasks in response to a text
  • Writing informal and formal letters
  • Documents showing competency
  • Learning Strategies
  • Interpretation of diagrammatic texts
  • Essay and letter writing
  • Oral presentations and discussions
  • Everyday English
  • Analyzing text and offer a critique
  • Research assignments
Course Learning Focus Entry Level
Certificate I in EAL (Access) Develop skills for learners who have:

  • Just started learning English
  • Had minimal exposure to English
Certificate II in EAL (Access) Develop skills for learners to satisfy their own simple everyday transactional and limited social needs ISLPR 1
Certificate III in EAL (Further Study) Develop skills for learners to satisfy basic social needs, routine situations for everyday commerce, recreation and linguistically undemanding vocational fields ISLPR 1+ to 2
IELTS 4 to 4.5
Certificate IV in EAL (Further Study)  Develop skills for learners to participate in a range of further study contexts ISLPR 2 to 2+

IELTS Preparation program 15.19 Kb

Each Certificate consists of modules that cover different aspects of language learning. Modules contain learning outcomes that contribute to the purpose of the module. They define texts or skills with which learners may need to engage, e.g. casual conversation, written information texts, written reports and learning strategies. The table outlines the skill areas covered by the modules.

Learning strategies This skills area is concerned with the role that learners play in their own language development including:

  • The ability to formulate language and other learning goals
  • Independent learning strategies
  • Effective participation in formal learning environments
  • Understanding the role of assessment
Listening and speaking skills This skills area is concerned with receptive and productive oral language skills in interpersonal and transactional texts.
Reading skills This skills area is concerned with locating and understanding meanings in texts such as instructions, information texts and news articles
Writing skills This skills area is concerned with using appropriate knowledge and language features to construct written texts.

Each Certificate is divided into core modules and elective modules:

  • Core modules: These modules develop essential skills.
  • Elective modules: These modules focus on different text-types and skills that can be selected according to the needs of learners or learner groups.

Learning outcomes describe what the learner is expected to do at the end of a course study. The two components of learning outcomes are as follows.

Assessment criteria Assessment criteria:

  • are statements about learner performance in constructing or understanding a language interaction
  • specify the minimal performance required
  • provide information for learners and teachers on what is being assessed and against what standard
Conditions and methods of assessment These statement describe:

  • the parameters within which assessment is conducted
  • text-types in terms of complexity and length
  • the amount of assistance required
  • the characteristics of the speaker
  • suggestions for sample tasks

English Language

Course Name CRICOS Code Tuition Fee (AUD$)
Certificate I in EAL (Access) 084628B $6,900.00**#
Certificate II in EAL (Access) 084629A $6,900.00**#
Certificate III in EAL (Further Study) 084630G $6,900.00**#
Certificate IV in EAL (Further Study)  084631G $6,900.00**#

**Fee inclusive of dictionary, grammar book and study material.

# Fees for 2022 are subject to change, so please check with ACAH

Application Fee

A non-refundable ELICOS application fee of $560.00 is payable – including some course materials such as grammar book and dictionary.

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