The Diploma of Production Horticulture reflects the role of personnel working on production horticulture farms. The qualification can be contextualised for a tree cropping, vegetable, berry or flower production or mushroom production context as a job focus or, in the case of mixed enterprises, both. No occupational licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.

CRICOS Course Code:



52 weeks


National Students:

Classroom Face to Face,

Online – Moodle,


International Students: 

Classroom Face to Face  (20 hours per week)

Units & Assessment Information

Completion of ten (10) units as below:

AHCWHS502  Manage work health and safety processes 
Assessment 1 – Short Answer Questions on on legislation, codes of practices, guidelines and writing policies
Assessment 2 – Role play (Demonstration exercise) or alternate assessment.
Assessment 3 – Audit report and checklist
Assessment 4 – Examination(Closed Book)
Overall Assessment of Legislation and application of WHS Processes in Industry
AHCCHM501 Develop and manage a chemical use strategyAssessment 1 –  Multiple written and research based tasks covering follow key criteria  
Identify and evaluate need for chemical use.
Develop a chemical use risk management strategy.
Develop and implement procedures for chemical management and use.
Identify training and supervision needs and solutions for chemical use in the workplace.
Monitor and evaluate the implementation of a chemical use strategy.
Assessment 2 – Oral Presentation (Recorded PPT) and Flyer
Assessment 3 – Label and SDS Reading Examination ( Competency grade : 100 %)
Written examination – 3 hour closed book examination ( Compentency grade: 70 %)
AHCWRK520 Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainabilityAssignment 1– Develop a sustainability policy 
Assignment 2- Oral / Recorded Presentation on implementing a training program for the policy developed.
Assignment 3- Peer review 
AHCPHT511 Develop a Horticultural Production Plan Assessment 1 – Project Report : Develop a production plan for a nominated crop
Assessment 2– Recorded PowerPoint presentation based on the report in  Assessment 1
Assessment 3 – Examination – Electronic Examination – 70% competency mark
AHCBUS511 Manage enterprise staff requirements Assignment 1 – Prerequisite Requirement/ Online Certificates: Fairwork online training  
Assignment  2 – Written questions, case studies and recorded PowerPoint on Understanding Work Roles and Functions
Assignment  3 –Written questions, case studies on Understanding business functions
Assignment  4 – Written questions on Training and the workplace
Assignment  5 –Written questions on Fair Work
Assignment  6 – Written questions WHS and staff management
Assessment 7 – Written questions on Staff performance, procedures for administration of records and industrial relations
Assessment 8 – Written examination covering all aspect of training
conducted during the previous weeks
AHCSOL505 Monitor and manage soils for production Assessment 1 – Understanding soils  
Assignment 2 – Practical – Test soils (pH, EC, moisture content, etc).
Assignment 3 – Soil Ameliorants – Short Answer Questions
Assignment 4 – Interpret and calculate soil test results, soil management plan and soil health management
Assessment 5 –Written Exam (Closed Book) 3 hours
AHCBUS516 Develop and review a business planAssessment 1- Business plan proposal ABLIS report  
Assessment 2 – Develop a business plan
Assessment 3- Examination : Review of business plan prepared in Assessment item 2
AHCWRK512 Plan, implement and review a quality assurance program Assessment 1 : Task 1: Definition questions  
Task 2: : Standard compliances and produce specification scenario
Assessment 2 – Written questions and Case study covering key criteria – Plan the quality assurance program and develop implementation strategies
Assessment 3
Task 1 :  Implement a fresh care produce standard or alternative in your workplace.
Task 2 : Practical/Simulated or Demonstration Activities for testing microbial for irrigation water and plant produce
Assessment 4 – Review a quality assurance program – Conduct an internal “mock” audit report based on Freshcare standards.
AHCPCM507 Diagnose plant health problemsAssessment 1 –  Written report on factors influencing plant health and diagnosing plant health problems
Assessment 2 – a Recorded PowerPoint presentation based on the major plant pest and disease, disorder and weed for your selected crop
Assessment 3 — Practical activity on implementation of an IPM program
Examination – Short Quiz on Plant Health Problem
 AHCHYD501 Develop a plan for a hydroponic systemAssessment 1 – Online based assignment : Write a plan for a hydroponic system  
Assessment 2 – Calculation Exercise
Assessment 3 – Project report : Develop a plan for a hydroponic system
Assessment 4 – Examination ( Competency grade: 70%)


ANZSCO 121200 Crop Farmers

Entry requirements

Age:16 plus
English Proficiency Requirements:all candidates must complete a Language Literacy & Numeracy Assessment, assessed by the Language Studies Department.
Academic Requirements:Completion of Certificate IV in Horticulture or related field or equivalent to Australian Year 12 general schooling or 2 years work experience in horticultural related field.

Tuition Costs

Please see fee schedule from relevant National or International Student page.