CRICOS Course Code:



52 weeks


National Students:

Classroom Face to Face,

Online – Moodle,


International Students: 

Classroom Face to Face  (20 hours per week)

Units & Assessment Information

Completion of ten (10) units as below:

Unit Assessment
AHCPCM507 Diagnose plant health problems Assessment 1 – Plant health report

Assessment 2 – Field Activity

Examination – Closed book, 70% Practical Examination on Identification of Pest, disease and weeds and control methods

AHCSOL505 Monitor and manage soils for production Assessment 1-Understanding soilsAssessment 2 -Practical – Soil sampling, testing soils for both physical and chemical tests.

Assessment 3- Soil ameliorants short answer question

Assessment 4: Fertiliser calculations & interpreting a soil test report from College Farm.

Examination- Closed book, 70% competency mark

AHCPHT511 Develop a Horticultural Production Plan Assessment 1 _ Project Report

Assessment 2_ Oral Presentation

Assessment 3- Examination – Electronic Examination – 70% competency mark

AHCWRK512 Plan, implement and review a quality assurance program Assessment 1_ Gathering, analysing and reviewing enterprise data, for effectiveness

Assessment 2_Short answer question

Assessment 3_Human resource and performance requirement

Assessment 4_Watch and learn – Visual Exercise

Assessment Task 5: Farm Gas Tutorial Exercise

Examination: Business Performance Analysis (Calculation and Mathematics in Agribusiness Based Assessment), Competency grade: 70%

AHCCHM501 Develop and manage a chemical use strategy Assessment item 1: Assignment based short and extended answer question tasks.

Assessment item 2: Oral presentation

Assessment Item 3: Written Situation Examination on Developing a chemical use strategy

Practical Examination: Spray Calibration, Nozzle Selection and reading of SDS and Chemical Labels.

AHCBUS516 Develop and review a business plan Hurdle based assessment

Assessment Item 1 – Business plan proposal and presentation

Assessment item 2 – Develop a business plan – on a protected cropping scenario based on the Werribee South Simulation

Examination – Review of business plan prepared in Assessment item 2

 AHCHYD501 Develop a plan for a hydroponic system Assessment item 1 –Project

Assessment item 2-Examination Online Quiz 50 questions in 50 minutes.

AHCBUS511 Manage enterprise staff requirements Pre-requisite Assessment: Fairwork Australian Online Course all modules must be completed – Currently set at 8 modules.

Assessment Task 1: Understanding work roles and functions

Assessment Task 2: Understanding business functions

Assessment Task 3: Training and the workplace

Assessment Task 4: Legislation

Assessment Task 5: Work health and safety and staff management

Assessment Task 6:  Staff management and procedures for administration of records, and IR management

Examination: Competency grade 70%: Summative assessment, on situation people management in Horticulture / Agriculture and Agribusiness

AHCWHS502  Manage   work health and safety processes Assessment 1 –  Short and extended answer

Assessment 2 – WHS Role play

Assessment 3 – WHS Audit report and recommendations

Assessment 4 – Examination

AHCWRK511 Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability Hurdle based assessment

ASSESSMENT ITEM 1: Assignment: Develop a sustainability policy

ASSESSMENT ITEM 2 & 3:  Practical Task – Presentation & Peer Review: Implement a training program for the policy you have developed, you will also be required to write a procedure detailing the implementation of the policy.


ANZSCO 121200 Crop Farmers

Entry requirements

Age: 16 plus
English Proficiency Requirements: all candidates must complete a Language Literacy & Numeracy Assessment, assessed by the Language Studies Department.
Academic Requirements: Completion of Certificate IV in Horticulture or related field or equivalent to Australian Year 12 general schooling or 2 years work experience in horticultural related field.

Tuition Costs

Please see fee schedule from relevant National or International Student page.