Cricos Code 
Course Duration:
53 weeks
Classification :
 ANZSCO 121000 Farmers And Farm Managers
 Study Mode:
National Students: Classroom face to face

Online – Moodle


International Students: Classroom face to face only (20 hours per week)
Unit & Assessment Information:

Completion of ten (10) selected units as below.

AHCWHS503  Manage work health and safety  processes Activity / Learning Guide (this includes practical assessments).
AHCCHM501 Develop a chemical use strategy Assessment 1 : Short and extended answer questions

    • Section A:  Develop a chemical use and risk assessment strategy.
    • Section B:  Identify a pest and review the chemical use for controlling that pest.
    • Section C:  Develop and implement procedures for chemical management and use. .
    • Section D:  Workplace training, supervision, and solution for chemical use.

Assessment 2 :Recorded PowerPoint presentation on implementing developed chemical use and management procedures for the chosen disease or pest/insect problem in Section C.

Assessment 3 : Practical xamination – Label and SDS Reading

Assessment 4 : Written Examination

AHCWRK520 Develop workplace policy and procedures for environment and sustainability Assignment 1– Develop a sustainability policy
Assignment 2- Oral / Recorded Presentation on implementing a training program for the policy developed.
Assignment 3 – Peer review
AHCAGB518 Develop climate risk management strategies Assessment 1 : Short Answer Questions-  Review Climate and Enterprise data

Assessment  2 : Research Assignment – Develop a climate risk management strategies

Assessment  3  : Tutorial tasks – Interpreting climate data to forecast climate scenarios and mitigate risks.

Assessment  4 : Practical Experiment – Measuring the outside temperature using the iButton/ Temperature loggers

Assessment  5 : Climate Risk Management Quiz

AHCBAC417 – Manage agricultural crop production Assessment 1 : Written report on given topic on crop production, harvest and yield management

Assessment 2 : Create a crop production schedule from seed to delivery of product to processor.

Assessment 3 : Recorded PowerPoint presentation based on Assessment 1 and Assessment 2

AHCSOL505  Monitor and manage soils for production Assignment 1 : Understand soilsAssignment 2 : Practical – Test soils (pH, EC, moisture content, etc).

Assignment 3 : Soil Ameliorants – Short Answer Questions

Assignment 4 : Interpret and calculate soil test results, soil management plan and soil health management

Assessment 5 : Written Exam (Closed Book) 3 hours

AHCBUS516 Develop and review a business plan Assessment 1: Business plan proposal ABLIS reportAssessment 2 : Develop a business plan

Assessment 3: Examination : Review of business plan prepared in Assessment item 2

AHCWRK521 Plan, implement and review a quality assurance program Assessment 1 : Task 1: Definition questions Task 2: : Standard compliances and produce specification scenario
Assessment 2 : Written questions and Case study covering key criteria – Plan the quality assurance program and develop implementation strategies
Assessment 3 : 
Task 1 :  Implement a fresh care produce standard or alternative in your workplace.
Task 2 : Practical/Simulated or Demonstration Activities for testing microbial for irrigation water and plant produce
Assessment 4 – Review a quality assurance program – Conduct an internal “mock” audit report based on Freshcare standards.
AHCBAC513 Apply plant biology to agronomic practice Assessment 1 : Written report on application of plant biology for agronomic practice
Assessment 2 :Written report on plant functions and impact on growth analysis of plants
Assessment 3 : Recorded Power point bases on your chosen agricultural crop
Assessment 4 : Practical/Simulated or Demonstration Activities ( Weekly Practical Activities)
Assessment 5 : Online Examination
AHCWAT503 Manage water systems Assessment 1 : Short answer questions on assessing soil and resources for crop and plant typeAssessment 2: Part A: Written question on irrigation system selection and design

Part B : Practical Installation of an irrigation system or measurement of an irrigation install

Assessment 3: 

Part A- Extended written questions covering follow key criteria

  • Assess the need for water inputs
  • Monitor irrigation system and plant response

Part B – Moisture analysis ( practical activity)

Assessment 4 : Write a practical report on the evaluation of an irrigation system

Assessment 5 : Written examination

Entry requirements:

Age: 16 plus
English Proficiency Requirement: all candidates must complete a Language Literacy & Numeracy Assessment, assessed by the Language Studies Department.
Academic Requirement: Completion of equivalent to certificate IV or higher, Year 12 equivalent completed, or currently employed in the Agriculture Industry, with at least 36 months equivalent employment.

 Applications, enquiries & tuition fees

More information about applications for this course and intake dates should be directed to info@acah.edu.au or by phone on 03 9654 8822.