CRICOS Course Code:

105049K (VIC/QLD)

Victoria only

Course Duration:

52 weeks

Study Mode:

National Students:

Classroom face to face,

Online (Moodle)


International Students:

Classroom face to face only (20 hours per week)

Unit & Assessment Information:

Completion of fourteen (14) selected units as below.


ANZSCO 362411 Nurseryperson

Unit Assessment
AHCPCM406 Develop a soil health and plant nutrition program/AHCSOL405 – Provide information on fertilisers and soil ameliorants

Assignment 1 Written Short and Extended Answer Questions, Definitions, Terminology, Preparing for soil surveying & sampling activities, soil physical and chemical characteristics & parameters for specific plants, RAW, soil ameliorant and improvement techniques

Assignment 2 Short Answer Questions & Risk Assessment (Practical Exercise)- Soil depth and colour ( Munsell chart), Soil texture test ( Ribbon test), Soil pH, Soil structure stability in water, Soil microbes test, Moisture analysis test

Assignment 3 Written Short and Extended Answer Questions, Definition, PH adjustment, Soil
ameliorant and improvement techniques, Important of organic matter.

AHCNSY403 Plan a growing-on program/ AHCNSY404 Plan a propagation program

Assessment item 1 Written questions – Identify issues affecting the growing-on program and develop growing-on plan.

Assessment 2 Project report (1500 – 2000 word limit) – Plan a growing-on program for provided plant material

Assessment item 3 Oral/recorded PowerPoint presentation based on your project report

Assessment item 4 Online presentation

BSBHRM415 Coordinate recruitment and onboarding / BSBLDR414 Lead team effectiveness

Assignment 1  A&B Written Task

Assignment  2 A  Written Task

Assignment  2 B Written Task

Assessment 3 Written Examination

AHCWHS401 Maintain work health and safety processes

Assessment item 1 Written questions – WHS legislations, code of practices, national standards, enterprise WHS policies
and procedures.

Assessment item 2 

  • Written questions -Workplace hazard identification, assessment of risk, hierarchy of control, procedures for hazards identification, assessing and controlling risks & safety training.
  • Practical task – Establishment of workplace procedures

Assessment item 3 

  • Recorded PowerPoint presentation- Facilitate a WHS Meeting; distribute information concerning WHS issues to staff.
  • Written questions – Participation in consultation, procedures for emergency event, WH&S training and maintaining occupational health & safety records and response to emergencies.
AHCIRG437 Schedule irrigations

Assessment item 1

  • Part A – Short answer questions on Definitions, Terminology, Water Theory, Extended Answer Questions on Soil and water relationship
  •  Part B – Short Answer questions on Soil and water relationship

Assessment item 2

  • Part A Short Answer Questions – Irrigation Scheduling, Health and Safety, Water Pressure
  • Part B Calculations Exercises: Uniformity / Irrigation Scheduling Calculations, as detailed in
    the exercise.

Assessment item 3 Practical exercise – Irrigation System Uniformity Test

AHCMOM402 Supervise maintenance of property machinery and equipment

Assignment 1  Report – Developing, Implementing and Monitoring Maintenance Plan

Assignment  2 Practical report – – Machinery & equipment operations checks, identifying hazards and associated risk, operation procedures, identifying machinery parts and maintenance requirements, developing and implementing maintenance plan.

AHCWRK401 – Implement and monitor quality assurance procedures

Assessment item 1 Written short answer, definition about food legislation, product specification

Assessment item 2 Case study – Risk Assessment in a Quality Assurance Process

Assessment Item 3

  • Part A Written questions – Scenario, flow chart and the HACCP system
  • Part B Case study – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) techniques

Assessment Item 4 Exam (plant nutrition program – calculation of fertilizer use based on soil test reports)

AHCPCM404 Recommend plants and cultural practices

Assessment 1 Online Wiki web-based information about group of plants

Assessment 2 

  • Part A: : Written short and extended answer questions, definitions, terminologies,
    classifications of plants.
  • Part B: plant observation sheets & class/laboratory activities- Flower Structures & morphological features, Describing Leaves

Assessment 3 Recorded Power point (12-15 slides) – Provide a specialist advice

Assessment 4 Report -Plant Resources Package (180 PLANTS)

Assessment 5 Weekly plant ID test

Assessment 6 Final Online Examination and plants observation test

AHCWRK403 Supervise work routines and staff performance

Assessment 1 Written Tasks – Short Answer Questions

Assessment 2 Plant resource package – Up to 50 plants for Nursery production

Assessment 3 Written Exam (Plant identification and plan morphology assessment)

AHCBIO401 Plan and implement a biosecurity program

Activity / Learning Guide (this includes practical assessments).

AHCPCM405 Implement an integrated pest management program

Activity / Learning Guide (this includes practical assessments).


ANZSCO 362411 Nurseryperson

Entry requirements

Age:  16 plus
English Proficiency Requirement: Completion of Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment, assessed by Language Studies Department
Academic Requirement: Completion of equivalent to Certificate III or higher, Year 10 equivalent completed, or currently employed in the Horticulture Industry, with at least 12 months equivalent employment.

Tuition Costs

Please see fee schedule from relevant National or International Student page.