This qualification allows individuals to develop post-trade and knowledge to become specialists within the production nursery industry. The nursery industry expects this qualification to be achieved to meet job outcomes at this level.

The production horticulture supervisor is likely to have significant responsibilities in managing planting, growing and harvesting activities.

These responsibilities include:

• developing a plant nutrition program

managing irrigation

• developing canopy management and crop regulation programs

• supervising crop harvesting

• supervising machinery maintenance, supplies and services

• operating a budget

• promoting plant health

CRICOS Course Code:

104839K (VIC/QLD)

Course Duration:

52 weeks

Study Mode:

National Students:

Classroom face to face

Online – Moodle


International Students:

Classroom face to face only ( 20 hours per week)

Unit and Assessment Information:

Completion of twelve (12) selected units as below.

AHCIRG437 Schedule irrigationsAssessment 1 – Written Short and Extended Answer Questions, Definitions, Terminology, Water Theory, Extended Answer Questions on Soil and water relationship.
Assessment 2 – Written Extended Questions: Irrigation Scheduling, Health and Safety, Water Pressure, Calculations Exercises: Uniformity / Irrigation Scheduling Calculations, as detailed in the exercises
Assessment 3 – Practical exercise: Irrigation System Uniformity Test
Assessment 4 – Online examination

AHCPHT409 Develop a crop regulation programAssessment 1 – Create a crop regulation poster
Assessment 2 – Written Short and Extended Answer Questions on preparing and documenting the crop regulation program and specifications
Assessment 3 – Prepare a detailed nutrients crop regulation program.
AHCNSY403 Plan a growing-on program / AHCNSY404 Plan a propagation programAssessment 1 : Written questions covering follow key areas
Identify issues affecting the growing-on program
Develop the growing-on plan
Assessment 2 : Project report on plan a grow-on program in a nursery or field production
Assessment 3 :  
Oral presentation on the project report
Online quiz

AHCPCM406 Develop a soil health and plant nutrition program

Assessment 1 – Written questions on determining relevant regional data and site characteristic
Assessment 2 – Practical / Stimulated or Demonstrated Activities – Soil tests
Assessment 3 – Written questions on documenting the soil health and plant nutrition program and specifications
Assessment 4 – Calculation of fertiliser
Assessment 5 – Recorded power point presentation for plant nutrition program
Assessment 6 – Examination

AHCSOL406 – Sample soils and interpret resultsAssessment 1- Written Short and Extended Answer Questions, Definitions, Terminology, Preparing for
soil surveying & sampling activities, soil physical and chemical characteristics & parameters for
specific plants, RAW, soil ameliorant and improvement techniques
Assessment 2- Practical / Simulated or Demonstrated Activities
Soil depth and colour (Munsell Chart)
Soil texture test (Ribbon test)
Soil structural stability in water
Soil pH, soil EC
Soil Microbes Test
Moisture Analysis
Assessment 3 – Written questions covering follow key areas
Determine relevant regional data and site characteristics
Define the requirements for plant nutrition
Document the soil health and plant nutrition program and specifications
Monitor plant growth and evaluate the program properties are identify for testing
Assessment 4 – Calculation of fertilisers
Assessment 5 
Part A-Writing report : Research botanical specifications, site assessment, growing conditions and
environmental context for a selected crop.
Part B – Oral/ Recorded PowerPoint

AHCWRK401 Implement and monitor quality assurance proceduresAssessment  1 
Task 1: Definition Questions
Task 2: Quality specification scenario
Assessment 2 – Case study : Risk Assessment in a Quality Assurance Process
Assessment 3 – Short answer questions and case study covering follow key areas
Identify hazards and critical control points in the production of quality product
Assist in planning of quality assurance procedures
Assessment 4– Written questions/scenario covering follow key area
Assist in planning of quality assurance procedures
Assessment 5 – Case study about Responsibility Allocation Matrix and trained staff
Assessment 6 – Practical activities to determine product quality include colour, pH, firmness, and sugar content
Assessment 7 – Freshcare online quiz ( Competency grade : 80%)
Assignment 8 – Online examination
AHCWHS401 Maintain work health and safety processesAssignment 1 – Written questions on WHS legislations, code of practices, national standards, enterprise WHS policies
and procedures.
Assignment 2  – Workplace hazard identification, assessment of risk, hierarchy of control, procedures for hazards identification, assessing and controlling risks & safety training.
Assignment 3 –  PPE, basic safety checks, hazardous substances, noise hazards, manual handling risks, monitoring and report workplace safety issues, raising WHS issues.
Assessment 4 – Participation in consultation, procedures for emergency event, WH&S training and maintaining occupational health & safety records and response to emergencies.
Assessment 5 – Online Examination

AHCPCM404 Recommend plants and cultural practicesAssessment 1 : Wiki task on Identify a range of web-based information sources about the genus and species of plants.
Assessment 2   
Short answer questions on Identify client preferences and requirements, Select and advise on plants for specific situation
Plant observation activities and class/laboratory activities
Assessment 3 : Recorded Power Point – Provide a specialist advise
Assessment 4 :  Plant resource package on Identify a range of plants suitable for specific situations
Assessment 5 : Weekly plant ID test
Assessment 6 : Online Examination and Plants observation test
AHCBUS408 Operate within a budget frameworkAssignment 1 – Create a budget for a production horticulture operation
Assignment  2 – Complete the excel worksheet provided for a selected crop production for
horticultural food production and addressing financial transactions in creating journal entries for
debits and credits.
BSBLDR412 Communicate effectively as a workplace leader

Assessment  1 – Prepare, engage and review communication on at least four occasions with different individuals or
groups, based on the case studies provided, for simulated workplaces in horticulture / agriculture.

Assessment 2 – Identify and record actions required as a result of communication and follow-up
in a timely manner in horticulture / a gricultural enterprise.

AHCBIO401 Plan and implement a biosecurity programAssignment 1 
Part A : Biosecurity online training course
Part B : Animal health disease online course

Assignment 2
Part A : Plan and implement a biosecurity program
Part B : farm biosecurity risk checklist

Assessment  3 – Recorded PowerPoint : Present a biosecurity plan training plan


ANZSCO 121200 Crop Farmers

Entry requirements

Age: 16 plus
English Proficiency Requirements:all candidates must complete a Language Literacy & Numeracy Assessment, assessed by the Language Studies Department.
Academic Requirements:Completion of Certificate III in Horticulture or related field or equivalent to Australian Year 11 general schooling or 2 years work experience in horticultural related field.

Tuition Costs

Please see fee schedule from relevant National or International Student page.