CRICOS Course Code:


Course Duration:

52 weeks

Study Mode:

National Students:

Classroom face to face

Online – Moodle


International Students:

Classroom face to face only (20 hours per week)

Unit & Assessment Information:

Completion of fourteen (14) selected units as below.

Unit Assessment
AHCPCM404 Recommend plants and cultural practices/ AHCPGD402 – Plan a plant establishment program /AHCPGD401 – Design plant displays

Assessment 1Written Tasks & practical activities

Assessment 2   Plant resource package & Plant identification Excursion Report

Assessment 3Written Examination ( Closed book)

AHCWRK403 Supervise work routines and staff performance

Assignment 1– Short Answer Research Questions

Assignment 2– Short Answer Questions & Risk

Assessment (Practical Exercise)

Assignment 3 – Spray Calibration, spill kit

Written Examination

AHCNSY404 Plan a propagation program /AHCNSY403 – Plan a growing-on program

Assignment 1 – Short Answer Research Questions

Assignment 2 – Short Answer Questions & Risk Assessment (Practical Exercise)

Assignment 3 – Spray Calibration, spill kit

Written Examination

AHCBUS407 Cost a project

Assessment item 1 – Written Task – Planning project activities, work scheduling, identifying OHS hazard & assessing risks, risk control methods, resource listing, factors affecting resource costs, OHS legislations, Australian standards Modern Industry awards

Assessment Item 2- Report- Measuring and calculation unit & total cost, Add-on costs, federal charges and taxes, leave entitlements, adjustment requirements, developing Total cost summary.

Assessment item 3 – Oral Presentation

AHCWHS401 Maintain work Health and Safety (WHS) processes

Assignment 1 – A&B Written Task- Identifying hazards, assessing risks, level of risk, risk level matrix, safety training, PPE, Hazardous substances, OHS policies & procedures, Legislations, regulations and code of practices

Assignment  2 A – Written Task – staff participation in monitoring and reporting OHS issues, Staff consultation, Hazards in agriculture and horticulture workplace, hierarchy of control,  case scenarios

Assignment  2 – B Written Task- Emergency events, evacuation plans, staff training, JSA’s

Assessment 3 – Written Examination ( Closed book)

AHCMOM402 Supervise maintenance of property machinery and equipment

Assessment item 1 Task 1- Prepare business documents

Assessment item 2 Task 2 – Prepare business document

Assessment item 3 Task 3-  Prepare desktop publish documents( MS Word)

Assessment item 4 Task 4 – Prepare desktop published documents(MS Excel)

Assessment item 5 Task 5 – prepare desktop published documents(MS Word)

Assessment item 6 Task 6 – prepare desktop published documents(MS Word)

AHCPCM406 Develop a soil health and plant nutrition program / AHCSOL406 – Sample soils and interpret results

Assessment item 1 -Task 1- Written Questions– soil profile and horizons, conducting soil surveys, soil samplings, hazard identification and risk assessment, soil texture and structure, soil, plant & water relationship

Task 2 – Practical activities – Determining soil depth and color, soil texture, soil structure and stability, soil pH, Soil EC,

Assessment item 2 Task 1- written Questions – plant nutrition program, recording climate data, CEC, nutrient for plant growth, essential micro & macro- nutrients, nutrient status in soil, nutrient disorders symptoms, fertilisers types and methods of applications

Task 2 – Fertiliser calculations

Assessment Item 3-Report – Developing plant nutrition program

Assessment Item 4-Examination (Closed Book)

AHCTRF403 Develop a sports turf maintenance program

Assessment item 1 -Task 1 – 3 Growth habits, soil & growing media characteristics, nutrient requirements, hazard identification and risk assessment, risk control, turf establishment methods,  soil analysis, maintenance requirements and practices, soil additives & ameliorants, fertiliser types and product, common diseases and pests of turf grass.

Assessment Item 2-ReportDeveloping sports turf management plan

Assessment Item 3-Examination (Closed Book)

PSPPM402B Manage simple projects

Assessment Item 1Project Report –   Developing project plan, monitor and report on project progress.

Assessment Item 2 Oral Presentation –Review project outcome

Assessment Item 3 Short Answer Questions Defining project objectives, project schedules, recording project progress, accessing performance, reviewing project

AHCIRG437  Schedule irrigations

Assessment Task 1 –Part A & B Estimating plant water use, soil water deficit, soil moisture status,

Assignment Task 2- Irrigation application methods, moisture monitoring tools and applications, scheduling irrigation methods and limitations , calculations for irrigation water requirement, scheduling requirements, water volume requirement, system efficiency, Crop water use ,

Assessment Item 3 – Practical activities Calculation of irrigation system efficiency, application efficiency, water budgeting, water quality analysis


ANZSCO 362211 Gardener (General)

Entry requirements

Age:  16 plus
English Proficiency Requirement:  all candidates must complete a Language Literacy & Numeracy Assessment, assessed by the Language Studies Department.
Academic Requirement: Completion of Certificate III in Horticulture or related field or equivalent to Australian Year 10 general schooling or 2 years work experience in horticultural related field.

Tuition Costs

Please see fee schedule from relevant National or International Student page.