A production horticulture outcome has responsibility for a number of workers and planting, growing and harvesting activities. Work undertaken by a production horticulture tradesperson could include:

• operating advanced and specialised machinery

• coordinating crop planting and maintenance

• harvesting crops

• processing produce

• installing irrigation and drainage

• controlling weeds and pests

• constructing glasshouses and shade houses

There are several ways to get work as a production horticulturist. Most of them have either progressed from working as farmhands or have completed a Level 3

Traineeship in Production Horticulture which involves formal learning while working on-the-job.

CRICOS Course Code:

116150M (VIC / QLD / SA)

Course Duration:

53 Weeks

Study Mode:

National Students

Classroom (Face-to-Face)

Apprenticeship, VET in Schools,

Online – Moodle  and Distance (for employed persons in the industry).

International Students – Classroom face to face Only ( 20 hours per week).

Unit & Assessment Information:

Completion of fifteen (15) selected units as below.


AHCPMG301 Control weeds/ AHCPMG302 Control plant pests, diseases and disordersAssessment 1: Written questions – Assess pest, disease and disorders


Assessment 2: Worksite base report – Plan the implementation of plant pests, diseases and disorder control measures

Assessment 3: Practical activity / Simulated workplace exercise

Assessment item 4: Quiz / Examination

AHCWRK320 Apply environmentally sustainable work practicesAssessment 1- Identify resources and sustainable practices on at ACAH Demonstration


Assessment 2 – Case  study

Assessment 3 – Checklist/Survey. Workplace environmental survey

Online quiz – 45 questions

AHCMOM304 Operate machinery and equipmentAssessment 1 – Short answer questionsThe following key areas will be covered during this assessment.
  • Prepare machinery and equipment for use
  • Complete machinery and equipment operation

Assessment 2 – Practical activity – demonstrate the on-site item of one of the following equipment/machineries under

AHCNSY313 Implement a propagation planAssessment 1 : Written Short and Extended Answer Questions- growing media components, Propagation techniques, OH&S hazards, propagation material selection and Australian Standards for potting mixes


Assessment 2 : Practical/ Stimulated or demonstrated activities – propagation techniques

AHCBIO303 Apply biosecurity measures Assessment 1 – Online based assignment on identifying biosecurity threats and determine control measures for site


Assessment 2 Short answer questions: Definitions and application of biosecurity measure for on-farm or for an enterprise. Locate information, animal / plant diseases and pest. Apply control measures in work routines, records maintenance, effectiveness of control measures, participation in training and reporting bio security concerns and issues.

Assessment 3 –  Practical tasks: Accurate complete workplace and regulatory biosecurity records using an industry
template below

AHCWRK317 Coordinate work site activitiesAssessment 1 – Written questions covering below key criteria
  • Prepare for work site activities
  • Organise resources
  • Coordinate and report on activities

Assessment 2 – Practical Activity (daily workplace activities) Task reporting, rostering, document control and pre start checks.

Assessment 3 – Online Quiz (competency grade 70%)

AHCWRK315 Respond to emergenciesAssignment 1 – Written Short and Extended Answer Questions, Definitions and Terminology

Assignment 2 –  First Aid Case Scenarios – Emergency situation exercises.

Practical Activities – Workplace hazard identification, assessment of risk, risk rating, hierarchy of control, procedures for hazards identification, assessing and controlling risks

AHCNSY314 Operate fertigation equipmentAssessment 1 – Short answer questions covering the following key areas
  • Understanding process of fertigation
  •  Determine physical characteristics of sample
  • Determine chemical characteristics of sample
  • Prepare soils for planting or replanting

Assessment 2 – Practical activities

  • Testing chemical properties of water for irrigation
  • Operation of fertigation system at ACAH demonstration farm
AHCIRG346 Operate pressurised irrigation systemsAssessment 1 – Short answer questions on carry out pre-start checks; inspect and operate the system; monitor irrigation system performance.


Assessment 2 – Written questions and practical activities on operating of irrigation system at ACAH demonstrated farm.

AHCWRK318 Comply with industry quality assurance requirements Assessment 1 – Written questions and Quality specification scenario

Assessment 2 – Practical activities/ exercise – Record the procedure for production at demonstrate farm in accordance with workplace requirements ; write a flow diagram from point of seed to dispatch for any “one” horticultural crop grown


AHCWHS302 Contribute to work health and safety processes Assessment 1 : Written questions – WHS legislations, code of practices, national standards, enterprise WHS policies and procedures

Assessment 2 : Written questions & Practical assessment – Workplace hazard identification, assessment of risk, hierarchy of control & safety training

Assessment 3 : Written questions – PPE, Incident, Accident reporting

Assessment 4 : Online quiz

AHCCHM304 Transport, handle and store chemicals/AHCCHM307 Prepare and apply chemicals to control pest, weeds and diseasesAssessment 1 – 40 Questions

Assessment 2 – Calibration activity (100% required

  • calibrate handheld and/or powered application equipment relevant to the industry sector
  • interpret and apply chemical label requirements in the preparation of an application/spray plan
  • record activities and maintain records
  • measure weather (monitor weather)
  • Complete a spray record sheet
  • Identify nozzle size, type, spray system pressure and check pH where applicable.

Assessment 3 – Exam (label & SDS reading) (100% required)

  • Record keeping & Calculations

Assessment 4 – Demonstration Practical activity (100% required)

  • Linkage sprayer, knapsack and ATV/SXS, calibration.
AHCPHT315 Establish horticultural crops Assignment 1 – Interpreting site plans and specifications, materials, equipment, tools and machinery for crop establishment, safety checks on equipment and machinery, site hazards and risks, PPE selection maintenance and storage and keeping work site safe, completed for a range of two crops (different).

Assignment 2 – Written questions addressing the following key areas
  • Prepare machinery and equipment for use
  • Prepare for horticultural crop establishment
  • Sow or plant the crop
  • Complete sowing or planting operations

Assignment 3 – Practical activities addressing the following key areas

  • Prepare machinery and equipment for use
  • Sow or plant the crop
  • Complete sowing or planting operations

Assignment 4  – Complete the given record pertaining to soil cultivation, planting site preparation, and land preparation operations 

ANZSCO 362211 Gardener (General)

Entry requirements

Age: 16 plus
English Proficiency Requirements:all candidates must complete a Language Literacy & Numeracy Assessment, assessed by the Language Studies Department.
 Academic:Completion of Certificate II in Horticulture or related field or equivalent to Australian Year 10 general schooling or 2 years’ work experience in horticultural related field or interested in commencing a career in horticulture.

Tuition applications, enquiries & tuition fees

More information about applications for this course and intake dates should be directed to info@acah.edu.au or by phone on 03 9654 8822.