Note: This course is for delivery to National Students only.

Course Duration:

20 Weeks

Study Mode:

Classroom (face to face)

Unit & Assessment Information:

Completion of fifteen (16) units as below.

Unit Asessment
AHCPMG201 Treat weeds

Activity / Learning Guide  (this includes practical assessments)

AHCWHS201 Participate in work health and safety processes

Activity 1 Short answer questions ( Workplace safety )

Activity 2 Exercise ( Recognising hazard in the workplace)

Activity 3 Short answer questions ( Risk control)

Activity 4 Short answer questions ( Risk assessment and report risk)

Activity 5 & Activity 6  Exercises ( Safety working procedures)

Practical task

End of unit test

AHCWRK204 Work effectively in the industry Activity 1 & Activity 2 Understanding Your Workplace Structure

Activity 3 – Understanding the horticulture industry

Activity 4. Occupational health and safety (OH&S)

Activity 5. The Code of Practice in your workplace

Activity 6. Knowing when tasks are done correctly

Activity 7. A daily work schedule

Activity 8. Priorities

Activity 9. Positive actions on problems

AHCNSY207 Undertake propagation activities Activity 1 Practical task (Separating cells for seedlings)Activity 2 Multiple choice questions (Separating cells for seedlings)Activity 3 Short answer questions (Separating cells for seedlings)

Activity 4 Practical task (Types of softwood cuttings)

Activity 5 Matching exercise (Types of softwood cuttings)

Activity 6 Short answer questions (Types of softwood cuttings)

Activity 7 Practical task (Lining out cuttings)

Activity 8 Short answer questions (Lining out cuttings)

Activity 9 Matching exercise (Lining out cuttings)

Activity 10 Practical task (Separation and division )

Activity 11 Multiple choice questions (Separation and division )

Activity 12 Matching exercise (Separation and division )

Activity 13 Practical task (Stenting)

Activity 14 Short answer questions (Stenting)

Activity 15 Multiple choice questions (Stenting)

Activity 16 Practical task (Budding)

Activity 17 Multiple choice questions (Stenting)

Activity 18  Practical task (Layering)

Activity 19 Multiple choice questions (Layering)

AHCSOL203 Assist with soil or growing media sampling and testing Activity 1 Written task ( Locating services)Activity 2 Written task (Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare)Activity 3 Written task (Personal Protective Equipment)

Activity 4 Written task (Soil texture)

Activity 5 Written task (Soil structure)

Activity 6 Written task (Soil colour)

Activity 7 Written task (Soil chemical properties)

Activity 8 Written task (Properties of growing media)

Activity 9 Calculating task ( Air Filled Porosity)

AHCPMG202 Treat plant pests, diseases and disorders Activity 1 Written questions  ( Identifying insects and mites)Activity 2 Written questions (Identifying plant diseases)

Activity 3 Written questions ( Monitoring pests and diseases)

Activity 4 Written questions ( Treatment methods)

Activity 5 Written questions ( Treatment application)

Activity 6 Written questions ( Post treatment operations)

AHCCHM201 Apply chemicals under supervision Activity 1  Short  answer questions about Preparing spray equipment

Activity 2  Short  answer questions about Calibration of boom spray

Activity 3 Short  answer questions about Identify hazards and assess risks associated with hazardous substances

Activity 4  Short  answer questions about Personal and public safety in using hazardous substances

Activity 5 Short  answer questions about Disposing of water waste

Activity 6 Short  answer questions about Accidental poisoning

Activity 7 Short  answer questions about Correctly apply treatment

Activity 8 Short  answer questions about Storage of chemicals

Activity 9 Short  answer questions about Recording and reporting chemical application and storage details

AHCWRK209 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices Activity 1 Written task (Identifying resources used in own work role )Activity 2 Written task (Documenting and measure current usage of resources using appropriate

Activity 3 Written task ( Recording and filing documentation measuring current usage, using
technology (such as software systems) )

Activity 4 Written task (Identifying and reporting workplace environmental hazards to
appropriate personnel)

Activity 5 Written task (Reporting breaches or potential breaches to appropriate personnel )

Activity 6 Group task

AHCPGD201 Plants trees and shrubs Activity 1 Written questions about Workplace risk assessmentActivity 2 Checklist on Preparation for planting operations

Activity 3 Written questions about Site preparation

Activity 4 Written questions about Prepare trees and shrubs for planting

Activity 5 Written questions about Inspect plants and report problem

Activity 6 Written questions about Install trees and shrubs

AHCMOM203 Operate basic machinery and equipment Activity / Learning Guide  (this includes practical assessments)
AHCNSY201 Pot up plants Activity 1 Workplace risk assessment

Activity 2 Checklist of tools and supplies commonly used in potting up plants

Activity 3 Written task – Health and safety requirements of your workplace for the handling and potting up of potting mixes.

Activity 4 Written task – Testing potting mixes using at your workplace

Activity 5 Written task – Water and fertilising

Activity 6 Written task – Procedure to dispose of the waste material at your workplace

AHCNSY206 Care for nursery plants Activity 1 & Activity 2 Written tasks (Tending plant safely)

Activity 3 Written task (Tending nursery plant)

Activity 4 Written task ( Applying fertiliser)

Activity 5 Written task (Pruning)

Activity 6 Written task (Complete nursery plant maintenance operation)

AHCPCM201 Recognise plants Activity 1 Written task (Prepare plant for recognition )Activity 2 Written task ( Inflorescence)Activity 3 Sketching task (leaves)

Activity 4 Written task ( Information on plants )

AHCIRG221 Assist with pressurised irrigation operations Activity / Learning Guide  (this includes practical assessments)
AHCPGD203 Prune shrubs and small trees  Activity 1 Written task ( Workplace Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

)Activity 2 Written task (PPE Selection & Maintenance)

Activity 3 Written task (Identifying tools for pruning situation)

Activity 4 Written task ( Pruning techniques)

Activity 5 Written task ( Compartmentalisation of decay in trees)

AHCINF203 Maintain properties and structures Activity / Learning Guide  (this includes practical assessments)


ANZSCO 841412 Horticultural Nursery Assistant

Entry requirements

Age:  16 plus
English Proficiency Requirements: all candidates must complete a Language Literacy & Numeracy Assessment, assessed by the Language Studies Department.
Academic Requirement:  Completion of equivalent to Certificate I, or primary school equivalent, or currently employed in the parks and gardens industry or a genuine interest in horticulture. Tuition Costs

Please see fee schedule from relevant National Student page.