CRICOS Course Code:109048A (VIC/QLD)
Course Duration:53 weeks
Classification : ANZSCO 232112 Landscape Architect
 Study Mode:National Students:
Classroom face to face
Online – Moodle
International Students:
Classroom face to face only (20 hours per week)

Unit & Assessment Information:

Completion of twelve (12) selected units as below.

AHCDES505 – Prepare a landscape design Assessment 1 Consult client to develop an agreed design brief, contract documents, cost estimation and project schedule
Assessment 2 – Site Analysis and Developing Base Plan
Assessment 3 – Site Legal Requirements and Constraint
Assessment 4 – Final Design Portfolio and Presentation
AHCBUS515 – Prepare estimates, quotes and tenders 
Assignment 1 –  Preliminary planning activities
Assignment 2 – Determine resource requirements & development of quote
Assignment 3 – Prepare schedules and development of tender document
Assessment 4 – Recorded power point presentation
AHCDES506 – Design for construction of landscape featuresAssessment 1 – Client consultation, Site assessment, drainage system, developing concept plan, identifying resources, functional analysis etc
Assignment 2 –  Construct a small scale model of landscape feature from detailed drawings.
AHCDES508 – Design sustainable landscapes
Assignment 1 –  Project plan, Site assessment, design brief and developing detailed plans
Assignment 2 – Design implementation & developing sustainability audit report
AHCDES509 – Assess landscape sites Assessment 1 – Site information collection and site visit
Assignment 2 – Site inventory and development impact on existing trees
Assignment 3 – i-Tree Street Tree Inventory
Assessment 4 – Site assessment Report
AHCLSC505 – Manage landscape projects Assignment 1 – Developing project scope and documentation
Assignment 2 – Work schedule and project management
AHCDES507 – Produce drawings for landscape design projects using CAD softwareAssessment 1 – Introduction to LAND Works CAD – Drawing Environment Setup and understanding of software commands.
Assessment 2 :
Part A:  LAND Works CAD Task (Advanced CAD) – Using CAD Drawing
Part B LAND Works CAD Task (Advanced CAD) – Using CAD Drawing Commands
Assessment 3 –  Inserting & Labelling Plants, Plant Schedules & Legend
Assessment 4 –  Developing Landscape Plan (Final drawing)
AHCPCM406 – Develop a soil health and plant nutrition program/ AHCSOL406 – Sample soils and interpret resultsAssignment 1 – Written Short and Extended Answer Questions, Definitions, Terminology, preparing for collecting soil, soil physical and chemical characteristics & parameters for specific plants, soil ameliorant and improvement techniques.
Assignment 2 – Practical/Simulated or Demonstration Activities (WEEK 3 – Saturday) – Test soils
Assessment 3 – Written Short and Extended Answer Questions, Definition, PH adjustment, Soil ameliorant and improvement techniques, Important of organic matter.
Assignment 4 – Calculation of fertilisers
Assessment 5 – Recorded power point presentation for plant nutrition program
AHCPCM511 – Specify plants for landscapes 
Assignment 1- Urban Landscape Plants
Assignment 2:
Part A: Client Consultation & Plant Collection
Part B: Client Consultation & Plant Collection Recorded Power Points
Assessment 3 – Specifying plants for new planting, defining plant selection criteria, plant quality and specification, assessing selection against specific site condition and client requirement.
AHCARB508 – Identify, select and specify treesAssessment 1 – Identification techniques, plant morphology, ethnobotany, plant physiology, taxonomy and nomenclature
Assessment 2 – Site analysis, planting area dimension, species, cultivar selection, functional life expectancy of tree, tree function in a location, tree stock specification, root size to volume of soil, criteria for mature tree selection, monitoring selected plant quality, soil and growing media, recording collected information and documenting the record and preparing the report.
AHCWRK509 – Provide specialist advice to clients Assessment 1
Report 1: Community Horticulture
Assessment 2
Report 2:  Provide specialist advice in a Landscape environment
Entry requirements:
Age: 16 plus
English Proficiency Requirement:all students must complete a Language Literacy & Numeracy Assessment, assessed by the Language Studies Department.
Academic Requirement:Completion of equivalent to certificate IV or higher, Year 12 equivalent completed, or currently employed in the Landscape Industry, with at least 12 months equivalent employment or a genuine interest in commencing a career in landscape design.
 Tuition Costs:

Please see fee schedule from relevant National or International Student page.