This qualification reflects the roles of individuals working in management roles in conservation and land management.

CRICOS Course Code:
Course Duration:
74 weeks
Classification :
  ANZSCO 234313 – Park Ranger
 Study Mode:
National Students:
Classroom face to face

Online – Moodle


International Students:
Classroom face to face only (20 hours per week)

Unit & Assessment Information:

Completion of eight (8) selected units as below.

AHCBER602 Plan and oversee a biosecurity emergency incident

Assessment 1 : Completion of EDM Training Programs – Industry Based Biosecurity

Assessment 2: Recorded PowerPoint presentation – Communication of your biosecurity
emergency incident.

Assessment 3: Project report on a biosecurity on conservation management plan, in dealing
with an emergency disease or plant pest control program.

AHCWRK511 Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability

Assessment 1 : Develop a sustainability policy 

Assessment 2 : Recorded Power Point on Implement a training program for the policy you have

Assessment 3 : Peer Review

AHCAGB518 Develop climate risk management strategies

Assessment 1 : Short Answer Questions:  Review Climate and Enterprise data

Assessment  2 : Research Assignment : Develop a climate risk management strategies

Assessment  3  : Tutorial tasks : Interpreting climate data to forecast climate scenarios and mitigate risks.

Assessment  4 : Practical Experiment: Measuring the outside temperature using the iButton/ Temperature loggers

Assessment  5 : Climate Risk Management Quiz

AHCILM601 Manage cultural processes in an Indigenous organisation
Assessment 1: Understanding cultural processes in an indigenous
organisation / community

Assessment 2: Read and analyse case studies on differences between indigenous and non- indigenous management processes

Assessment 3: For an established scenario of biodiversity or land use, conduct a meeting with an
indigenous leader / elder in your area

     BSBOPS601  Develop and implement business plans

Assignment 1 : Business Plan Proposal ABLIS Report

Assignment 2 : Essay Assessments – Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Agroforestry concepts

Assignment 3 : Agroforestry Business Plan

AHCLPW601 Coordinate the preparation of a regional resource management plan

Assignment 1 : Review a land management plan 

Assessment 2: Create a consultation committee for a resource management plan

Assessment 3: Create a milestone presentation (Recorded)

AHCBUS613 Manage human resources

Assessment 1 : Short Answer Situational Questions – HR management case study

Assignment 2: Key Performance Indicator Document and Recorded Power Point

Assessment 3: Closed Book Examination

AHCNRM604 Review ecological management plans and strategies
Assessment 1: Prepare a small farm ecological management grant application Round 4 application

Assessment 2: 

Part 1: Analyse existing land management plan

Part 2: Recorded PowerPoint

Assessment 3: Create a land management plan for compliance with to make a claim for deduction under Division 40-670

 Entry requirements:
Age:  16 plus
English Proficiency Requirement: all candidates must complete a Language Literacy & Numeracy Assessment, assessed by the Language Studies Department.
Academic Requirement: Completion of equivalent to Diploma or higher, Year 12 equivalent completed, or currently employed in the Agriculture Industry, with at least 36 months equivalent employment.
Tuition Costs

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