CRICOS Course Code:
Course Duration:
52 weeks
Course Expiry:
Classification :
  ANZSCO 121000 Farmers And Farm Managers
 Study Mode:
National Students:
Classroom face to face

Online – Moodle


International Students:
Classroom face to face only (20 hours per week)



Unit & Assessment Information:

Completion of eight (8) selected units as below.

AHCAGB501 Develop climate risk management strategies Assessment 1 – Short / Extended Answer questions

Assessment 2 – 1500 Word report on climate risk mitigation in Agriculture on a selected topic

Practical Tutorial Exercise – Emission Scenario projections using climate change in Australia website

OnLine Quiz – on Climate Change and Weather – 70% pass mark

AHCAGB603 Manage the production system Assessment 1: Activity Booklet (Numerous Activities)

Assessment 2: Online Quiz 60 questions in 50 minutes, pass mark is 70%

Assessment 3: Oral Presentation of the Assessment 1 as directed

CPPWMT5045 Develop site safety plans Assessment 1: Safety Audit on Two (2) sites

Assessment 2: Develop a site safety plan based on the two sites

Assessment 3: Presentation / seminar of your site safety plans.

Assessment 4: Write a policy and procedure document for a site safety plan

AHCWHS501 Manage Work Health and Safety  processes Assessment 1 –  Short and extended answer

Assessment 2 – WHS Role play

Assessment 3 – WHS Audit report and recommendations

Assessment 4 – Examination, pass mark is 70%

AHCBUS608 Manage risk Assessment Task 1 – Legislation in applicable in managing agribusiness risks.

Assessment Task 2: – Presentation of understand of AS/NZS Risk Management

Assessment Task 3: Report on Supply chain risk management using the ISO31000 as a guideline

AHCBUS605 Manage human resources Assignment 1 – Short answer situation question(s), writing a PD, employment contract.

Assessment 2 – Preparation of Key Performance Indicator document

Examination – Closed Book, pass mark 70%

AHCBUS604 Design and manage the enterprise QA system  Assessment Task 1: Internet Wiki – Quality systems in Australian within the Agribusiness industry

Assessment Task 2:  Design a poster on Quality Assurance systems in the Agribusiness Industry

Assessment Task 3: Design and industry best management practice manual

Assessment Task 4: Examination on Quality Assurance systems in Agribusiness – Pass mark 70%

AHCBUS506 Develop and review a business plan Hurdle based assessments – You must satisfy responses to one prior to completing the next. 

Assessment 1: Presentation of ProposalProposal submission (200 words)

Assessment 2: Write a business plan in Agricultural / Horticultural and Agribusiness context

Assessment 3: Examination: Review the business plan that you have written with set scenario and questions.



 Entry requirements:
Age:  16 plus


English Proficiency Requirement:  all candidates must complete a Language Literacy & Numeracy Assessment, assessed by the Language Studies Department.


Academic Requirement:  Completion of equivalent to Diploma or higher, Year 12 equivalent completed, or currently employed in the Agriculture Industry, with at least 36 months equivalent employment.
Tuition Costs

Please see fee schedule from relevant National or International Student page.