Note: This course is for delivery to National Students only.

Course Duration:

20 Weeks

Study Mode:

Classroom (face to face)

Unit & Assessment Information:

Completion of fifteen (15) units as below.

Unit Assessment
AHCWHS201 Participate in work health and safety processes Activity 1 Written questions ( Workplace safety requirements )

Activity 2 Written task ( Hazard identification and risk control)

Activity 3 Written questions ( Risk control)

Activity 4 Written questions ( Risk assessment, risk control and report risks )

Activity 5 Written task ( Fire evacuation map)

Activity 6 Written task  ( Emergency planning and evacuation plans)

End of unit test

AHCLSC201 Assist with landscape construction work Activity / Learning Guide  (this includes practical assessments)
AHCLSC202 Construct low-profile timber or modular retaining walls Activity / Learning Guide  (this includes practical assessments)
AHCLSC203 Install aggregate paths Activity / Learning Guide  (this includes practical assessments)
AHCLSC204 Lay paving Activity / Learning Guide  (this includes practical assessments)
AHCMOM203 Operate basic machinery and equipment Activity / Learning Guide  (this includes practical assessments)
AHCPGD201 Plant trees and shrubs Activity 1 Written questions about Workplace risk assessment

Activity 2 Checklist on Preparation for planting operations

Activity 3 Written questions about Site preparation

Activity 4 Written questions about Prepare trees and shrubs for planting

Activity 5 Written questions about Inspect plants and report problem

Activity 6 Written questions about Install trees and shrubs

AHCPCM201 Recognise plants Activity 1 Written task (Prepare plant for recognition )Activity 2 Written task ( Inflorescence)

Activity 3 Sketching task (leaves)

Activity 4 Written task ( Information on plants )

AHCCHM201 Apply chemicals under supervision Activity 1  Short  answer questions about Preparing spray equipmentActivity 2  Short  answer questions about Calibration of boom spray

Activity 3 Short  answer questions about Identify hazards and assess risks associated with hazardous substances

Activity 4  Short  answer questions about Personal and public safety in using hazardous substances

Activity 5 Short  answer questions about Disposing of water waste

Activity 6 Short  answer questions about Accidental poisoning

Activity 7 Short  answer questions about Correctly apply treatment

Activity 8 Short  answer questions about Storage of chemicals

Activity 9 Short  answer questions about Recording and reporting chemical application and storage details

AHCSOL203 Assist with soil or growing media sampling and testing Activity 1 Written task ( Locating services)Activity 2 Written task (Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare)

Activity 3 Written task (Personal Protective Equipment)

Activity 4 Written task (Soil texture)

Activity 5 Written task (Soil structure)

Activity 6 Written task (Soil colour)

Activity 7 Written task (Soil chemical properties)

Activity 8 Written task (Properties of growing media)

Activity 9 Calculating task ( Air Filled Porosity)

AHCPMG201 Treat weeds  Activity / Learning Guide  (this includes practical assessments)
AHCPMG202 Treat plant pests, diseases and disorders Activity 1 Written questions  ( Identifying insects and mites)

Activity 2 Written questions (Identifying plant diseases)

Activity 3 Written questions ( Monitoring pests and diseases)

Activity 4 Written questions ( Treatment methods)

Activity 5 Written questions ( Treatment application)

Activity 6 Written questions ( Post treatment operations)

AHCWRK209 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices Activity 1 Written task (Identifying resources used in own work role )

Activity 2 Written task (Documenting and measure current usage of resources using appropriate

Activity 3 Written task ( Recording and filing documentation measuring current usage, using
technology (such as software systems) )

Activity 4 Written task (Identifying and reporting workplace environmental hazards to
appropriate personnel)

Activity 5 Written task (Reporting breaches or potential breaches to appropriate personnel )

Activity 6 Group task

AHCCHM307 Prepare and apply chemicals to control pest, weeds and diseases Assignment 1 – Short Answer Research Questions ( Determine the need for chemical use and prepare a application plan)Assignment 2 – Short Answer Questions & Risk Assessment (Practical Exercise)

Assignment 3 – Spray Calibration, spill kit Examination

AHCCHM304 Transport, handle and store chemicals Assessment item 1: Practical assessment (calibration exercise) – (must achieve a result of 100%)Assessment item 2:  Work / short answer questions

Assessment item 3: Label and SDS Reading exercise (Must achieve a results of 100%)



ANZSCO 841411 Garden Labourer

Entry requirements

Age:  16 plus
English Proficiency Requirements:  all candidates must complete a Language Literacy & Numeracy Assessment, assessed by the Language Studies Department.
Academic Requirement:  Completion of equivalent to Certificate I, or Year 9 equivalent, or currently employed in the landscaping.

Tuition Costs

Please see fee schedule from relevant National or International Student page