Note: This course is for delivery to National Students only.


52 weeks


Study Mode:

National Students:

Classroom face to face

Online – Moodle



Unit & Assessment Information:

Completion of twelve (12) selected units as below.


Unit Assessment
AHCBUS501AManage staff Assessment item 1 Task1 –5  Extended Answer QuestionsAssessment item 2Examination – Closed Book
AHCBUS504A Prepare estimates, quotes and tenders Assessment item 1-Written Task- Project preliminary planning activitiesAssessment Item 2 Report 1 – Determining resources requirementAssessment item 3 Report 2- Preparing schedule and estimation documents
AHCPGD503A Manage parks and reserves Assessment item 1: Written Questions Assessment item 2: Develop and monitor management plan : written taskAssessment Item 3: Identify and analyse stock control system : practical taskAssessment Item 4 Report 1: Establishing purchasing plan & analyse stock control systemAssessment Item 5: Report 2: Establish operations schedule, manage office and monitoring and reviewing report on changing conditions
AHCPGD504ADevelop and implement a streetscape management plan Assessment Item 1 Assignment 1: Streetscape management plan and Planning activitiesAssessment Item 2 Assignment 2Prepare and analyse site descriptionAssessment Item 3Report- Identify management strategies & prepare and implement management plan
AHCTRF501APlan the establishment of sports turf playing surfaces Assessment item 1Assignment 1 – Written questionsAssessment Item 2Assignment 2 –turf establishment requirementsAssessment Item 3Assignment 3- turf establishing plan and specification
AHCPGD502APlan the restoration of parks and gardens Assessment Item 1Assignment 1- Heritage legislation and regulationsAssessment Item 2 Assignment 2- Garden HistoryAssessment Item 3 Report- Restoration strategy for selected garden
AHCARB503ADevelop a tree protection program Assessment Item 1 Activities 1-8  specific tree work, organising tree inspection, preparing audit checklist, providing feedback to contractors and other stockholders, corrective action request.Assessment Item 2 Report – tree protection strategies for selected site
AHCOHS501AManage Occupational Health and Safety(OHS) processes Assessment Item 1Task-Short Answer Questions and Scenario AnalysisAssessment Item 2 Role play – OH&S negotiation role playWorkplace.Assessment Item 3 Audit report and checklist
Assessment Item 4Close Book Examination
AHCPCM502ACollect and classify plants Assessment Item 1 Assignment1. Plant collection and ethicsAssessment Item 2 Assignment 2- specimen collection and preservation techniqueAssessment Item 3 Assignment 3 – Plant identification using key
AHCPCM503ASpecify plants for landscapes Assessment Item 1 Assignment 1 – Urban landscape PlantsAssessment Item 2Assignment 2- Plant Selected for given situationAssessment Item 3Assignment 3- Conifer selectionAssessment Item 4 Report – Plant selection for specific purposeTutorial review paper
AHCCHM401AMinimise risks in the use of chemicals Assignment 1– Short Answer Research QuestionsAssignment 2– Short Answer Questions & Risk Assessment (Practical Exercise)Assignment 3 – Spraying equipment  Calibration, spill kitWritten Examination
AHCCHM402APlan and implement a chemical use program Assignment 1– Short Answer Research QuestionsAssignment 2– Short Answer Questions & Risk Assessment (Practical Exercise)Assignment 3 – Spraying equipment  Calibration, spill kitWritten Examination



ANZSCO 362211 Gardener (General)


Entry requirements

Age:  16 plus
Language, Literacy and Numeracy: Completion of Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment, asssessed by Language Studies Department
Academic: Completion of equivalent to Certificate IV or higher, Year 12 equivalent completed, or currently employed in the Horticulture Industry, with at least 36 months equivalent employment.

Tuition Costs

Please see fee schedule from relevant National Student page.

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